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We are dedicated to spreading love, light and healing through the ancient practice of sound healing. Through our passion, we hope to guide you to your best self.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is an energy based therapy from Asia with a rich history of over 5000 years. With a combination of instruments, the ancient rituals help soothe and guide a soul to finding true inner balance.

Why Sacred Sound Healings?

Sarah is a highly trained, qualified and certified Sound Healer. With an intuitive touch and empathetic approach, she can successfully put you at ease and help bring you to balance.

How can sound help you?

Sound healing therapy is often used for relaxation and meditation but it can also provide relief from a variety of physical and mental ailments such as back pains, migraines, depression among others. Check out our available services.



Sound Healer

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Both curious and skeptical, I tried this new experience. And what a beautiful discovery !!!! No words can describe this beautiful feeling . Sarah carried me on a journey of emotion and well-being. Thank you to her.

Geraldine Urban


Thank you for the wonderful couples session, It was fantastic! Great introduction into the world of sound healing. Especially liked how you incorporated music, candles, different smells.. made the experience really unique and super relaxing. By the end I was so zen I was practically asleep (and Laurent WAS haha). Next time I will have to do a solo session! So happy that you have found your element, proud of you! I have no doubt you will be very successful!

Caroline Donahu

Geo. Information Specialist

Sarah Turner. Wow. Get a sound healing from Sarah as soon as possible. It is really a life changing experience. We get so caught up in the world around us that we end up missing the world inside us. My experience with Sarah helped me get back in touch with my inner-world. What Sarah offers through her intuitive gifts, shamanic training, singing bowls and tuning forks is absolutely transformative. She is able to help you work through mental, emotional and physical blockages through the power of sound. I can’t recommend Sarah more highly because she is the best at what she does. I’ve been practicing sound healing for years and Sarah is the most remarkable sound healer and teacher I’ve ever met. She does not just play the bowls. She invites them. Each time, depending on who she is healing, the bowls sound a different story and her intuitive power discovers what the story is and how it wants to play out. There are very few people that have this ability but what makes Sarah even more special is that she has the boundless compassion to heal with elegance and grace. I hope as many people support Sarah as possible as she is doing such an important service for all beings. She also does distant healings which are extremely effective. So, please, follow Sarah, receive a healing and be blessed in the source of beauty through which Sarah breathes, expands and heals.

Brian R.

Legal Assistant

I met Sarah through a mutual friend at a time I needed healing the most. During her group sessions, she taught us to meditate and calm our thoughts while she played her Himalayan bowls, tuning forks and many other shamanic healing techniques. With her guidance I found an inner calmness and some clarity. After a few sessions I decided I would go deeper into myself and asked for Sarah to guide me in private sessions. What happened in these sessions has changed me and given me strength to believe and listen to my inner self all while healing some core issues I haven’t dealt with, stemming from as far back as my childhood! Sarah you are an angel among angels. I am grateful. Thank you.

Christina K.


Sarah is absolutely amazing, she helped me deal with and move on from issues that had been dormant for many years. The outcome of my sessions was extremely positive and I am forever grateful that Sarah was able to guide me through my healing process with her beautiful sounds! If I could give a 10 star rating, I would. Thank you Sarah

Sarah-Michelle Fahey

Make Up Artist

I had a wonderful session with Sarah and she really picked up on some heave, yet true stuff from my childhood. And we got to clear some things. I loved the session , I felt lots of energy running through my body and I felt very safe with her. I would recommend her for everyone who needs a little bit of therapy, she’s very good and such a loving person.

Sarah Kirkeby

Customer Service Rep

My journey began when a friend asked me to go with her to a meditation done with bowls. I soon learned it was Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing. As an experience it was very different to what I was used to. The energy was very powerful within the group. I felt the sound of the bowls deep inside my being.Never had I experienced something so profound, I felt so much lighter. I felt the need to have a private session, to continue my healing at a deeper level.I am 66 years old, and I want to live the rest of my life free from sadness and pain that is affecting my life. I want a light heart and soul and I am now on my way. I will have more private sessions.Sarah is my Angel; she is an Earth Angel sent to help heal those on her path.



Awesome session this morning! You’ve got a special talent 😉



Few days ago I had a Sacred Sound Healing session with Sarah Turner in Ubud, Bali. I tried not having any expectations of it, although I was looking forward peaceful meditation in a quiet setting, immersed in the world of sounds.

Sarita started a session with combination of aroma therapy and deeply calming sounds of HaNT, a harmonious, metallic, bell-like instrument. The sounds she was making, along with the smell of incense and aroma oils, relaxed me deeply. I felt my shoulders softening and my eye balls sinking deep into my skull. Then, Sarita touched the soles of my feet and I felt the energy of our two beings merging into one. Energy was freely flowing and it felt no boundary between our two beings. Gently, Sarita’s started a pendulum energy scan. I was already completely opened up and I gladly accepted the scanning waves as she went over each of my chakras. She located the chakra that was blocked and announced that we’ll start working on it now, using a series of tuning forks.

Using her tuning forks, Sarita guided me through my life starting at birth and working her way up until the present, detecting the periods where trauma happened and embedded into my energy field. Gradually working her way up through my life, she detected and pointed out 3 major areas of unresolved stuck energy which I was carrying with me for many years. One of them all the way back to puberty. Together we went into the actual trauma, located the moment of my reaction and identified the “protective mask” I placed over my being at that time. The mask I placed on myself back then – stayed with me unconsciously through all the later years, making its way into all decisions I made, distorting all the perceptions I had. Discovering this moment and this mask was a hugely powerful and quite stunning.

We found 2 other big blockages I carried with me for more than 10 years each. One had to do with unreleased pain I kept stuck and never fully manifested, related to my mother’s passing. The other one with unresolved anger & resentment originating in a specific event which directly caused my decision to get a divorce. That particular event was charged with deep disappointment in partnerships and friendships, which I clearly felt was still very present in me.

What started as light, pleasant tea ceremony, aroma-therapy and heavenly HaNT music, took an amazing turn and I found myself DEEP into my energy body, revealing some of the deepest and most painful experiences which decades later I was still hanging on to. Re-visiting those events and witnessing how much I still held on to the pain was DEEPLY healing. Once identified, Sarita went on to suggest cleansing rituals for me to do in my own time. Then, she started cleansing the blockages with sound. It felt like I was starting to breathe fully again.

Sarita worked on my energy field for a good 2.5 hours. To me it felt like 15 minutes…

As powerful as it was at the session, I felt the full power of Sarita’s healing only in the following days. Traumas stuck in my energy field caused me to have blockages for years, especially in the area of male-female relating and certain unhealthy views about sex. One day after Sarita’s treatment I thought about those familiar issues again, just to see where I stand. In awe, I noticed how I am seeing them from entirely different angle now. Sarita touched something deep inside me and cleansed it. And by doing that, she unlocked and unleashed my ability to see human relations with all its quirks and imperfections from a deeply compassionate point of view. This new view made me feel an incredible lightness of existence. I was filled with warmth and gratitude. Gratitude for being alive. Gratitude for each day and each hour of my life. Gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life, and also for all those who I’ll never meet. I feel their joys and their struggles. I feel their love and pain. And I realize that we dance together this beautiful dance of life, with courage, with an endearing clumsiness and ultimately – with best intentions in our humble quest for love and happiness.

Thank you Sarita. I am deeply grateful!!!


Network Tech Analyst

I just want to begin by saying that before I met sarah and attended her first sound healing session, I had no idea about sound healing and no interest too but since I attended her first class two years ago, I have not missed one after that. It is such an amazing experience that helped and taught me how to meditate easier, reduce my stress and anxiety. Thank you Sarah for teaching and giving me this strength.

Ali J.

Engineering Tech

Sarah continues to help me and my family clear our paths and the results have been incredible – and now we are doing this long distance! What a blessing it has been to find this beautiful teacher and guide on our journey. When in the presence of someone whose work is their life’s purpose, it can be felt and in Sarah’s case, heard! Beautiful sounds creating beautiful results! Feeling lighter and more peaceful. Thank you so much. xo

Josee Caron

Professional Chef

Initially i wasn’t too sure what to expect… but after having a private session with Sarah I was pleasantry surprised. I left our session feeling relaxed and renewed. Sarah and the sound healing instruments effectively come together as one to create an outer-body experience and i would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to de-stress and regroup.

Tina Iriotakis

Financial Advisor